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Dr. Brian Keegan is a Senior Academic & Head of Undergraduate Studies at the School of Computer Science at TU Dublin. He is a founding member and the director of the Applied Social Computing Research Group. Brian is a Senior Member of IEEE and an EU Expert Evaluator on Future and Emerging Technologies. He received his Engineering Degree in 2003, MPhil in 2005, and his PhD in 2010.

Dr. Paul Doyle is a Senior Academic with 20 years industry experience and Head the School of Computer Science at TU Dublin. He is a founding member of the Applied Social Computing Research Group. He has a BSc. and MSc in Computer Science from Dublin City University and has a PhD in Astronomical Data Processing using Cloud Computing in 2015.

Dr. Dympna O’Sullivan is  Senior Academic & Head of Postgraduate Studies at the School of Computer Science, TU Dublin. She is a founding member and director of ASCNet. She received a BSc and PhD in Computer Science from UCD in 2002 and 2006 respectively. She completed her post-doctoral work in Health Informatics with the MET research group at the University of Ottawa between 2006 and 2008.


Dr. Emma Murphy is Assistant Lecturer at TU Dublin School of Computer Science. Before joining TU Dublin she was a Research Fellow in the Trinity Centre for Practice & Healthcare Innovation (TCPHI). She completed her PhD at the Sonic Arts Research Centre at Queen’s University Belfast. Emma has over 50 peer reviewed publications in the area of digital health, multimodal interaction design and accessibility for people with disabilities and older adults.

Dr. Deirdre Lillis is  the former Head of Computer Science at TU Dublin. With multi-disciplinary qualifications including a PhD in Higher Education Management and an MSc in Computer Science, she undertakes research in strategic management, global talent management and university-industry interactions. She has extensive experience of developing internationalised and industry-oriented programmes to address the skills shortages in the ICT sector.

Dr. John Gilligan is Lecturer and Researcher at the School of Computer Science at TU Dublin.

His research interests include: Universal Design, Digital Accessibility eCompetences, International Classification of Functioning, Disability Informatics, Medical Informatics, AI and Machine Learning.

Dr. Luis Miralles is Assistant Lecturer at TU Dublin. He has obtained his PhD in Computer science at the University of Murcia. He has 5 years of teaching experience. He has published on many different topics such as COVID-19, human activity recognition, predictive maintenance from a Machine Learning perspective. He has a 3.5 year postdoc experience in CeADAR where he worked in different areas related to data science such as reinforcement learning and text mining.

Dr. Cathy Ennis is a lecturer in the school of Computer Science in TU Dublin, with research interests in plausible animation and behaviour for virtual characters for games. She works primarily on applications in entertainment-based and serious games and has a background in perceptually-driven computer graphics.

Dr. Luca Longo is a lecturer, covering both MSc and PhD courses in Computer Science and he’s the leader of a team of post-graduated talented individuals working in Artificial Intelligence. He’s actively engaged in the dissemination of scientific material Luca received various awards both for his research work and for his teaching and pedagogical practices. In 2016 Luca was awarded a “national teaching hero award” from the national forum of teaching and learning in Ireland.

Dr. Mariana Rocha is an Assistant Lecturer in the School of Computer Science. She has a PhD in Computer Science from TU Dublin and her research interest is related to the development of technology for learning. Mariana is part of a research group that studies digital games’ potential to overcome maths anxiety and improve learning engagement. She collaborates with different projects that aim to provide technological solutions to challenges in education. 

Peter Manifold is an Instructional Designer at the School of Computer Science at TU Dublin. He manages the School’s Blended Learning facilities and helps implement new and innovative learning strategies. He has extensive experience working on Erasmus+, Marie Curie and Horizon 2020 funded projects. Peter has a BA in History & Politics from University College Cork and an MA in International Relations & Development from Dublin City University.

Anna Becevel is the European Research Manager within the School of Computer Science at TU Dublin. She collaborates to several projects with mainly project management and dissemination duties. Anna has extensive experience in Digital Marketing, writing for funding proposals, budgeting, agile and waterfall blended approaches.

Damian Gordon has been Lecturer in Computer Science at TU Dublin for over 20 years. As a researcher he has authored over 50 research papers. He is also the co-editor of a book on developing an industrially-oriented approach to CS education in China. Before starting as a lecturer, he worked in the computer industry; he was employed variously in the roles of Software Developer, Business Systems Analyst, Technical Team Leader and Implementation Consultant.

Dr. Michael Collins is a Lecturer at the School of Computer Science.  He is the academic coordinator for international affairs in the School and a former chairperson and the original programme designer for the BSc. in Computer Science International programme. He is a class mentor and manages all Double Degree programmes with international partners and other international student and staff exchanges.

MSc. Andrea Curley spent 5 years working as a software developer in Ericsson’s before taking up the post of lecturer in the School of Computer Science in 2005. Along with lecturing, Andrea has been Programme Chairperson for a number of postgraduate courses for over 10 years, including the MSc in Computer Science.

Ciaran Nugent is PhD candidate at the School of Computer Science at TU Dublin. He received a BEngTech and BEng in Electrical and Electronic Engineering from DIT in 2016 and 2020, respectively. With over 15 years industrial experience he has worked as an automation and electrical engineer in the manufacturing and electrical power system industries. Prior to completing his degrees Ciaran trained and qualified as an electrician.

Iseult Kelly is the Industry Engagement Office Lead for the School and manages the undergraduate internship programme. Before joining DIT in 2007 Iseult worked both in Ireland & the UK as a Relationship Manager in the commercial insurance industry. Iseult graduated from UCD with a B.A. (Hons) Economics and studied for a Higher Diploma in Psychology through the Open University. 

William O’Mahony is the International and Research Officer at the School of Computer Science. Since joining the School in 2016, William has managed the complete project life-cycle of a range of international mobility projects within the School. Prior to joining TU Dublin, William held a number of Higher Education positions in Melbourne, Australia and London, England.

Yannis Stavrakakis is a Senior Research Assistant in the School of Computer Science at Technological University Dublin. He has worked in various research projects since 2010. Since 2017 he has been working on EU fundend projects in TU Dublin. He is currently conducting research on Ethics in Computing, creating educational material and publishing academic papers. He received his MSc degree in Research Methods in Psychology at the University of Kent, UK in 2011.

Dr. Edina Hatunic-Webster is a Lecturer at the School of Computer Science at Technological University Dublin since 2004. She has an MSc in Computer Science from University College Dublin (UCD) and a PhD from TU Dublin, both in cyber security area.
Her research interests are in the area in cyber security, phishing, human-oriented computer security, usable privacy and security, user authentication.

Dr. Zhiying Jiang is director of the College of Information Science and Technology Office, Beijing University of Chemical Technology (BUCT), China.

In academia since 2012, he has been working in BUCT, mainly lecturing on undergraduate courses such as Data Structure and Object Oriented Programming. 

Ming Tang is a PhD candidate at TU Dublin and a full-time lecturer at the College of Innovation and Entrepreneurship of Hunan Technology and Business University.

Songlan Li works for Hunan University of Technology and Business in China as a lecturer with 12-year teaching experience. Now she is also a PhD student at TU Dublin.