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This project proposes the marrying together of software design methodologies with approaches to inclusive design. This will create a new lens through which to examine the development of software, and present new ways of teaching the software development process to students that will focus on a human-centred approach to software.

Status: Active

Funding: Erasmus+ – €400,000

In the aftermath of COVID-19, remote working has become the norm, and graduates now need an even wider range of skills which traditional classrooms and domestic internships don’t always emulate. Working in multiple time-zones, within global multi-cultural teams, and only ever meeting colleagues through online technology are just some of the challenges which require a new type of global graduate. Transversal skills including leadership, collaboration, innovation, digital, green, organisation and communication skills are critical.

Status: Active

Funding: Erasmus+ – €300,000

CODESIGN – Co-creating DEmentia Support for InteGrated care. A novel platform approach –
will develop a platform for persons living with dementia (PLwD) integrating their personalized care planning with wider dementia support and services from the Department of Health and support groups, to allow communication, engagement and shared decision making among PLwD and their formal and informal carers.

Status: Active

Funding: SFI National Challenge Fund

Ethics4EU is an Erasmus+ transnational project that will explore issues around teaching ethics in Computer Science. Ethics4Eu will develop new curricula, best practices and learning resources for digital ethics for computer science students. It follows a ‘train the trainer’ model for up-skilling computer science lecturers across Europe. 

Status: Active

Funding: Erasmus+ – €450,000

GETM3 – Global Entrepreneurial Talent Management 3 – is a project that focuses on young talent as a key driver of future development, developed through co-operation of 3 stakeholders: employers (including MNC & SME’s), universities and students/graduates. 

Status: Active

Funding: Hi-Rise  – €950,000

Blended Learning International follows a Train the Trainer approach by training lecturers and adult educators in supporting other educators in implementing blended learning activities in their educational programmes.

Status: Active

Funding: Erasmus+  – over €200,000

The SAER Mentorship programme aims to increase the participation of underrepresented groups in the ICT sector in Ireland.

Status: Active

Funding: Salesforce Ireland  – €300,000

The scholarships will recognise 8 students with a financial award of €3,000 each and the opportunity to engage in a mentoring programme with representatives from Huawei. Huawei mentors will receive mentor training at TU Dublin.

Status: Active

Funding: Huawei Ireland – €24,000

Enabling Self-Care and Shared Decision on Making for People Living with Dementia is about creating cutting edge technology to support persons with dementia to live independently in their own homes by self-managing their care.  

Status: Active

Funding: SFI Frontiers of the Future Programme  – €422,000

Innovative methods of teaching and delivery will be promoted on this project, so that learners will benefit from improved quality and more engaging ways of learning on enterprise-focused courses, providing lifelong learning and upskilling opportunities for all. 

Status: Active

Funding: Government of Ireland, Human Capital Initiative – €15,000,000

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