Hunan Institute of Technology

Hunan Institute of Science and Technology (HNIST) is a provincial undergraduate university, which is well known for science and engineering subjects as well as the balanced development of science, engineering, liberal arts, economics, management, law, education and arts. HNIST is a master degree granting unit approved by Academic Degree Committe of the State Council and is one of the first universities to be granted with “the 13th Five Year Plan” National Production and Education Integration Development and Application-oriented Undergraduate University” in Hunan Province.

HNIST has long committed to the industry and education integration and the university-enterprise cooperation and has deepened the educational and teaching reform, which has greatly improved the teaching quality. Up to now, HNIST has obtained many projects and honors, namely, 2 second prizes of the State-level Teaching Achievement, 3 educational system reform pilot projects of Hunan Province, 1 key project for promoting educationally advanced province, 2 national pilot projects of specialty comprehensive reform, and 8 specialty comprehensive reform projects for industry-university cooperation of the Ministry of Education. The quantity of approved undergraduate teaching “quality projects” ranked top among the second-tier undergraduate universities of Hunan province, to be specific, 4 national constructing characteristic specialties, 9 provincial characteristic specialties, 1 national experimental teaching demonstration center, 1 national university off-campus student practicum base, 22 national university student creation  and innovation programs, and 32 provincial practicum teaching platforms.