Welcome to the bricks!

Welcome to the bricks!​

In this section you can search and download open educational resources that will help you teach Computer Ethics in your classes.

The resources are categorised in self-contained instructional units that can be adapted to different learning contexts. We like to think of each educational unit as a brick.

How does it work?

All resources can be downloaded


You can use download all of our resources with no limitations!

Modify the resources as you wish


You can modify all of our resources, we only ask for attribution!

Use the resources in class


Use the resources in class as many times as you wish!

Explore the bricks

Use the search box to look for topic, keyword or resource.

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News & Events
Dark Patterns

How online organisations deceive users with design features

Autonomous Cars
Autonomous Cars

The ethics of automated vehicles


The consequences of intentional and accidental cyberharassment

Programming Pitfalls

Ethical issues aroung programming

Smart Pills

Exploring the ethics of technology within the Health Care domain

The impact of technology on developing countries

Exploring the impact of external technology companies have on a developing countries

Professional Ethics

Understanding Professional Ethics in Software Engineering

Foundational Ethics in Computing

An historical overview of the milestones of Computing Ethics


Why "bricks"?​

Just as toy bricks, you can take one or more units and embed them in your course to build a personalized Informatics Ethics curricula o add a touch of Ethics into a course you are already teaching.

What does each brick contain?​

Each brick contains downloadable resources that can be mixed and matched to be taught in class, including case studies, presentations and ideas for assessment.


The resources creators also included tips on how to adapt each unit to your teaching, advise on possible teaching and assessment approaches, a list of learning objectives that can be reached by using the resources and references to further reading.

Can I modify the bricks?

Yes! You know best how to deliver content to your students. Our content is designed to be as flexible as possible, with multiple documents that can be rearranged in different ways, and that you can modify and use as you wish, in a manner that suits your students and your teaching style.

Can I contribute?

We would love for your to contribute to our repository by updating and ameliorating the existing resources or by uploading new ones!

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