This resource will help you provide to your students with an overview of the consequences of intentional and accidental cyberharassment.

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This educational unit contains:

Two case studies:

  • one looking at the impact of one individual bullying,
  • and the other is looking at the accidental bullying of a family by a group of organizations.

Possible Teaching and Assessment Approaches

The instructor guide presents two fictionalized case studies, that focus on both deliberate and accidental harassment. The case studies are designed to serve as a way to improve computer science students’ ability at consequence scanning a way to consider the potential consequences intended and unintended of harassment.


Evaluate your Teaching

Don’t forget to evaluate your teaching! Did the students meet the learning objectives? You can ask the class to fill a questionnaire to collect both quantitative and qualitative data. The idea is that you can always improve your lectures and the resources based on the students’ feedback.

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