Autonomous Cars Ethics

This brick will help you provide to your students with an overview of the ethical implications of autonomous cars technology.

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This educational unit contains:

  • Ad hoc slides and a video lecture
  • Further resources to use in class
  • Ideas for possible teaching and assessment approaches
  • The computing learning objective is to understand how requirements are defined so that the autonomous vehicles fulfill nonfunctional requirements of ethics and social sustainability.
  • The ethical learning objectives are to understand the role of technical and social/individual ethical issues of autonomous vehicles:
    • Technical issues involve safety, security, privacy, transparency, algorithmic fairness, reliability, environmental sustainability, intelligent behavior control, trans-disciplinary-systemic approach, and quality.
    • Social/individual issues include non-maleficence, stakeholder involvement, beneficence, responsibility and accountability, freedom and autonomy, social sustainability, social fairness, dignity and solidarity, social trust, justice, legislation, standards, norms, policies and guidelines.
  • The transversal learning objective is to be able to connect knowledge and insights from the technical and the social domain.

Foundational knowledge of computing and Foundational Ethics in Computing

  • Suitable for teaching in Computer Science, Software Engineering, and Other courses
  • Domain: Information Technology
  • Disciplines: Computing Ethics/Digital Ethics, Artificial Intelligence, Human Computer Interface, Interaction Design, Software Engineering/Requirements Engineering, Social Aspects, and Sustainable Development

Suggested teaching approaches

Suggested assessment approaches


Teacher teaching

Introductory lecture

Here you can find a PowerPoint presentation and a recording of the introductory lecture.

Further reading

Further reading

Evaluate your teaching

Don’t forget to evaluate your teaching! Did the students meet the learning objectives? You can ask the class to fill a questionnaire to collect both quantitative and qualitative data. The idea is that you can always improve your lectures and the resources based on the students’ feedback.

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Autonomous Cars

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