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Fostering Innovation

The Fostering Innovation session aims at supporting academics in embedding techniques and activities for fostering innovation in an educational context taking into account the diversity of students and the complexities of co-production with industry.

Learning Outcomes

  • To acquire knowledge on what is innovation in an educational context
  • To become familiar with inclusive techniques aimed at fostering Innovation


The session is meant to be delivered as a traditional frontal lecture, integrated with short hands-on activities to be performed by individuals and/or groups and one longer group activity dedicated to Critical Thinking. This session that takes up to 6 hours including a 30′ break. The length of the session depends on the size of the group and the rate of engagement. Slides for the session are available in the Download section.

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The activity is meant to be delivered as a traditional frontal lecture, integrated with short hands-on activities. Support slides are provided in the Download section and include the following topics:

  • Warm up exercise
  • What is innovation
  • An example of innovation: the 3M case
  • What is open innovation?
  • How do students learn? Sensory and cognitive models
  • 5 ways to foster innovation:
    1. Environment 
    2. Teaching approaches
    3. Mindset
    4. Collaboration
    5. Methodologies (Design thinking, Critical thinking, Creative thinking)
  • Introducing reflective practices

Participants are split into groups and take part to a PMI exercise

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