An Instructor Guide to Teaching Computer Science Ethics

The Instructor Guide to Teaching Computer Science Ethics it’s a tool for teachers to start or enhance their teaching of ethics within Computer Science and Engineering curricula.

What will you find in the Guide?

Part 1 – Introduction contains
    • An introduction on what are computer ethics, computing ethics, and engineering ethics
    • A discussion on why ethics should be in Computer Science and Engineering modules
    • Some examples of typical computing ethics decision-making dilemmas
Part 2 – Ethics and Its Application in Computing and Computer Engineering contains
    • A more in depth introduction to Ethics focused especially on normative models
    • An examination of ethical frameworks and codes of ethics within an international and European context
Part 3 – How to Use the Ethics4EU Bricks explains how to use our educational resources within Computer Science/Engineering modules
Appendices include
    • Appendix A – Glossary
    • Appendix B – Additional resources for Part 2
    • Appendix C – Practical Resources for Teaching Theory and Practice
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